Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peter McClelland '63, blogger.

Peter McClelland ’63? Peter lives in Newburyport . . . (Nancy Mering)
Might be a good thing to let people know about, particularly older alums —have you had a chance to take a look around?

From: Kristin Schwabauer Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 1:52 PMTo: Cyndi Mcmahon; Patricia HanlonSubject: a new blog I found

I found this blog while I was researching info for the Tod Murphy release (new men’s bball coach). His wordpress blog is called the Writing Scots. Don’t know who he is.

This is interesting…can’t get a sense of who this guy is except for this:

My first blog (Writing Scots) started out as a collection of Gordon College men’s basketball articles but before long my other articles started ending up there and the original intent was diluted. This new blog will alleviate that situation…………The articles that show up on this blog will cover a variety of topics. I am currently writing with some regularity for The Town Common. The articles I do for TTC will appear here. I will also post an occasional copy of a letter-to-the-editor that I have sent out. I will also include a picture with a brief description of a sporting event I have attended……….I have enjoyed writing for many years. A good part of my life (39 years as a teacher) has been spent correcting written work so I think that I have an idea what good writing reads like. With a retiree’s time at my disposal I am able to read/write at my leisure………….I make a serious attempt to be factually accurate as well as Godly in every blog entry.

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