Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greg Keller

Ashley Ballou and I started a project this winter, with help from Ben Padilla and Molly Lawry. We are considering how natural and human-induced landscape heterogeneity influences the abundance and behavior of forest songbirds, specifically focusing on black-capped chickadees, tufted titmice, white-breasted nuthatches, and downy woodpeckers. We are linking measures from the field with a geographic analysis in our new landscape ecology laboratory. We’ll be collecting data one more year before we analyze and try to publish it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Evan Peck's Contacts

From: Kristin Schwabauer
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2009 1:19 PM
To: Cyndi Mcmahon; Patricia Hanlon; Jo Kadlecek
Subject: FW: photo journal guidelines

Passing this on from Evan for you guys to follow up. What a great connection in Evan!

From: Evan [mailto:evanpeck@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 5:24 PM
To: Kristin Schwabauer
Subject: Re: photo journal guidelines

Thanks Kristin,

I'll try to pull something together over the next couple of weeks.

In case you are interested, here are a couple of Gordon alum friends who would love to help out the school any way they can:

- Cassandra (Cassie) Freyschlag is an '08 graduate who is in an MS/PhD program at Harvard in Chemistry:

Cassie's email address: cfreysch@fas.harvard.edu

- Jonathan Camery-Hoggatt is an '07 graduate who is attending Princeton Theological Seminary.

Jonathan's email address: jonathan.cameryhoggatt@gmail.com

(They gave me permission to send you their email addresses)

Both of them have awesome, vibrant personalities, and are always working on amazing projects. The only reason I don't list them is that I'm afraid I wouldn't do them justice :). We like to meet every once in awhile in Cambridge and they are exactly the type of people I'd love to know existed if I were a prospective student.

- Evan

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ashley Bond, recent alum, who works for Boston Magazine as Senior Designer

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From: Ashley Hopkins
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 14:05:53 -0400
To: Cyndi McMahon , Kristin Schwabauer
Subject: Gordon Alum at Boston Magazine

Hey gals,

Just doing some legwork for Montserrat and while plowing through the "Editorial Bios" on Boston Magazine's site came across a Gordon grad. In my book it's always helpful to know about any alums, particularly those in the magazine biz regardless of the dept. You likely already know about her, but thought I would forward just in case.

Hope all is well with you both!


Bond began her career at the acclaimed studio, PlutoMedia, where she was a designer on the SPD award-winning 02138 magazine, as well as the Boston branded publications. A graduate of Gordon College, her senior art thesis appeared in Die Gestalten Verlag's book, Tactile: High Touch Visuals. The native Texan turned Mainer is an avid runner (Boston Marathon '07) and power yoga addict.

http://www.bostonmagazine.com/EDITORIAL/Bios_Boston (scroll down on the site; Ashley's listed under "art")

Tim Willeford '96 Receives IBM Chairman's Award and is in Global Communication

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Subject: Form Submission: ALUMNI_CLASSNOTES

The following information was submitted to your web form 'ALUMNI_CLASSNOTES':

Name: Tim Willeford
Email: twilleford@yahoo.com
Year: 1996
College: Gordon
Notes: I was honored with the 2008 IBM Chairman''s Award for leading communications for the IBM Project Big Green energy and environmental campaign in more than 50 countries. Now, I''m the global communications lead for IBM University Programs, Academic and Innovation Initiatives, Business and IT Transformation, and the Center for CIO Leadership. (I still live in Brookfield, CT with my wife Christina and 5-year-old daughter Katarina.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peter McClelland '63, blogger.

Peter McClelland ’63? Peter lives in Newburyport . . . (Nancy Mering)

Might be a good thing to let people know about, particularly older alums —have you had a chance to take a look around?

From: Kristin Schwabauer Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 1:52 PMTo: Cyndi Mcmahon; Patricia HanlonSubject: a new blog I found

I found this blog while I was researching info for the Tod Murphy release (new men’s bball coach). His wordpress blog is called the Writing Scots. Don’t know who he is.

This is interesting…can’t get a sense of who this guy is except for this:

My first blog (Writing Scots) started out as a collection of Gordon College men’s basketball articles but before long my other articles started ending up there and the original intent was diluted. This new blog will alleviate that situation…………The articles that show up on this blog will cover a variety of topics. I am currently writing with some regularity for The Town Common. The articles I do for TTC will appear here. I will also post an occasional copy of a letter-to-the-editor that I have sent out. I will also include a picture with a brief description of a sporting event I have attended……….I have enjoyed writing for many years. A good part of my life (39 years as a teacher) has been spent correcting written work so I think that I have an idea what good writing reads like. With a retiree’s time at my disposal I am able to read/write at my leisure………….I make a serious attempt to be factually accurate as well as Godly in every blog entry.

Sarah Hines '01--from Irv Levy

I know Sarah but we never worked together closely outside of the organic chemistry classes she attended. Ron Kay probably knows her best. I've sent him a note.
On another student -- senior Rowan Walker was awarded an NSF Scholars Program travel grant to attended the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference this past month. In their award letter, the Green Chemistry Insitute indicated that this was "a competitive pool with a large number of qualified applicants." The grant supported Rowan's conference participation with a funds to cover the cost of student registration and travel expenses.
Irvin J. Levy
Professor of Chemistry & Computer Science Chair, Department of Chemistry Gordon College
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA 01984

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From: Patricia Hanlon
Sent: Fri 6/26/2009 9:40 AM
To: Irv Levy
Cc: Emily Jarvis; Dwight Tshudy
Subject: FW: Story Pitch for StillPoint
Greetings, chemistry profs-this just came in my email regarding a chemistry alum, Sarah Hines, doing amazing work. Of course we will follow up on this, but wanted to let you know and to hear from you any recollections you have of Sarah as a student. Since she graduated in '01, I'm figuring Irv may be the only one who remembers her. (Obviously they mean "Gordon" and not "Stillpoint" alumnus here ;). Please forward to anyone else who might like to know about this.
Thanks, and I hope your summers are going well,
From: Kelley Meck [mailto:kelley@pharmasecure.us]
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 1:03 AM
To: Stillpoint
Subject: Story Pitch for StillPoint
Dear Editor,
My name is Kelley Meck. I'm coordinating a press strategy for PharmaSecure, Inc., a multinational Dartmouth start-up company aiming to stop counterfeit medicines in the developing world. PharmaSecure looks forward to announcing a major milestone in our brief corporate history in the next days or weeks and, anticipating that you may want to profile our acting CEO and co-founder Sarah Hine, who is a young Stillpoint alumnus. Below you'll find more details about the milestone we expect to be announcing.
PharmaSecure, Inc. To Conclude Tie-Up w/ Pharma Giant Within the coming weeks, PharmaSecure, Inc. and a top-5 Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer will close an agreement for a pilot project to label over six lakh (600,000) packages with a PharmaSecure coding system to allow chemists and consumers in India to authenticate the products with a text message or SMS. If successful, the project will provide the basis for the company to employ the authentication system on their entire product line, accounting for approximately 4% of the $8 billion Indian pharmaceutical market. It's a major milestone in PharmaSecure's brief history and we believe it represents an important step towards stopping counterfeits in India.
I would like to ensure you have the level of information and access you require to meet your publication needs, so if there is interest in this story, let me know what sort of story you would consider writing--
With regards,
Kelley Meck

Kelley Meck
Project Manager
PharmaSecure, Inc.
INDIA: New Delhi, India
+91 97177 55633
USA: 16 Cavendish Court

Irv Levy, Emily Jarvis, Rachel Shirron and Rowan Walker

This August Emily Jarvis and I will be traveling to Washington, DC with two of our students who will be giving poster presentations at the American Chemical Society's national meeting. The students and their presentations are
Rachel Shirron, "First principles investigation of ruthenium metal complexes used as catalysts in water oxidation", coauthored with Emily Jarvis
Rowan Walker, "Greener oxidation options: Molybdate-catalyzed synthesis of conjugated aldehydes and ketones", coauthored with Irv Levy and Salem State College student Keti Gitit Assor
Best wishes,

Greg Keller, Students and Mammals

My students and I have been researching mammals in and around Gordon College this spring and summer. Although unsolicited, this list is fairly comprehensive, and I thought you all might be interested to see what we are living with that we have documented so far around campus. We are not alone...
Southern Flying Squirrel
Red Squirrel
Gray Squirrel
Eastern Chipmunk
Eastern Cottontail
American Beaver
House Mouse
White-footed Mouse
Deer Mouse
Southern Red-backed Vole
Star-nosed Mole
Northern Short-tailed Shrew
Smoky Shrew
River Otter
Striped Skunk
Virginia Opossum
Little Brown Bat
White-tailed Deer

Gregory S. Keller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Conservation Biology Curator of Birds and Mammals
Email: greg.keller@gordon.edu
Phone: 978-867-4852