Friday, June 26, 2009

Sarah Hines '01

My name is Kelley Meck. I'm coordinating a press strategy for PharmaSecure, Inc., a multinational Dartmouth start-up company aiming to stop counterfeit medicines in the developing world. PharmaSecure looks forward to announcing a major milestone in our brief corporate history in the next days or weeks and, anticipating that you may want to profile our acting CEO and co-founder Sarah Hine, who is a young Stillpoint alumnus. Below you'll find more details about the milestone we expect to be announcing.

PharmaSecure, Inc. To Conclude Tie-Up w/ Pharma Giant
Within the coming weeks, PharmaSecure, Inc. and a top-5 Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer will close an agreement for a pilot project to label over six lakh (600,000) packages with a PharmaSecure coding system to allow chemists and consumers in India to authenticate the products with a text message or SMS. If successful, the project will provide the basis for the company to employ the authentication system on their entire product line, accounting for approximately 4% of the $8 billion Indian pharmaceutical market. It's a major milestone in PharmaSecure's brief history and we believe it represents an important step towards stopping counterfeits in India.

I would like to ensure you have the level of information and access you require to meet your publication needs, so if there is interest in this story, let me know what sort of story you would consider writing--

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Kelley Meck
Project Manager
PharmaSecure, Inc.
INDIA: New Delhi, India
+91 97177 55633
USA: 16 Cavendish Court

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